Friday, July 14, 2006

Mark Prior and Kerry Wood: It's time to cut the cord

Poor Cub fans. I mean it's not enough that most seasons their team sucks, or that even when they're good they end up blowing chunks, but they also have to deal with a "what if" factor that never seems to end. I'm of course talking about their star pitching duo of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior that was supposed to anchor their staff for years to come. Basically these two guys have the letters DL stamped on their forehead and it's that nasty ink that takes forever to rub off.

There is no denying the talent these guys have. They've got great stuff. Tantalizing great stuff. So good that you want to keep believing that someday they'll make it an entire season healthy. Maybe it will happen. Maybe they'll eventually catch some luck. Then Cub fans will be glad they have them on their team.

But that is foolish thinking. It's a dream that will never be. What is going on now is just cruel and unusual punishment for their fans. The Cubs need to get these guys healthy and trade them as fast as they can. If they get even a whiff of a decent offer for either guy (and by decent offer I mean anyone that can hold a glove) they need to act calm, agree to the trade, and then run wildly down the corporate offices screaming, "free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last".

Prior's latest trip to the DL is proof enough that enough is enough. Sure these guys may end up on another team and never get hurt again in their careers. Jessica Alba also might give me call one of these days and tell me she has always wanted to meet me in person. It could happen.

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