Thursday, October 18, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 7

49ers over the Seahawks:  
Great work by Seattle to take down New England last week. I was mildly shocked. I'm not sure how sold I am on Wilson at QB but that defense has been beastly so far and you have to give the Seattle brass and coaching staff some credit for assembling the parts. Bobby Wagner, from my alma mater Utah State, has been awesome so far at linebacker. Alex Smith should keep his head on a swivel on Thursday night.

Bills over the Titans.
 Inconsistency is the word to describe these two teams.

Giants over the Redskins
a marquee matchup with Griffin coming to NY. Can the Giant's defensive line keep him contained? They have a better shot at accomplishing the feat than most.

Saints over the Bucs
With no defense, the question for New Orleans is can their offense be powerful enough to outscore the other guys? So far it's been "iffy" but I'll roll the dice one more time with them. And one thought on the Bounty scandal that has helped de-rail the Saint's season so far:  own up to your mistakes and move on! I'm tired of Saints players using the classic strategy of creating another story so their own guilt is not the story. They are using the incompetence of how Goodell has handled the situation to move the focus away from what they did. Vilma and others on the team contributed to a culture and climate of removing players from the field through injury. Period. Watch the playoff game with the Vikings when Favre was QB. I was not even rooting for the Vikes that day and I was shocked at how often they were targeting him after he threw the ball. It was completely ridiculous but not all that shocking. Other teams may have been doing this for years as well. But we know the Saints did. Stop with the whining about Roger Goodell. You did it. Take your medicine

Panthers over the Cowboys.  
Dallas is as much of a soap opera as the tv show by the same name that was famous for years.  So is Tony Romo Bobby Ewing? Jerry Jones reminds me of JR Ewing in the creepy department.
 Dez Bryant got ripped last week for missing a catch on a two point conversion but he actually had a pretty decent day. He's in no-win territory right now. He can never do enough to justify the headache he is for the team.

Ravens over the Texans. 
Now that their defense has taken a few key injuries (Webb, Lewis, etc.) Baltimore is going to go into the "no one believes in us" mode and perhaps this will provide a mild upset with the Texans who are at home.

Colts over the Browns. 
This one is close though I think. Despite one of the worst QB games ever played in his first NFL start, Brandon Wheedon has been respectable since then and the Browns have been competitive.

Packers over the Rams.
It was fun to watch Green Bay last week. The Packers, when "on" offensively, cannot be beat.

Vikings over the Cardinals. 
No idea what to think of these guys. Are they good or not?

Patriots over the Jets
This used to be a scary game for the Patriots. Not anymore. The Pats hurry up offense should destroy the Jets defense. Don't let the 3 losses fool you. This is still quite possibly the best team in the AFC.

Raiders over the Jags.
Most disappointing player this season to date might be Darren McFadden. He's healthy and yet he's 24th in the league in rushing yards (271), and 41st in yards per attempt (3.2). I did not see that coming. Is it his offensive line? Or is he just that bad this season? A victory here is probably going to depend on their defense and Carson Palmer.

Steelers over the Bengals.
I think these guys are pretty evenly matched but the desperation factor might be more of an incentive for the Steelers who at 2-3 need to win to give them any hope in their division.

Bears over the Lions
The Chicago D has their swagger back and if Jay Cutler doesn't implode they should be able to take down Detroit  (who even with a victory last week, have been their own worst enemy).

Last Week: 7-6
Overall: 46-43

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