Friday, October 05, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 5

Some good games on tap for the weekend:

Cardinals over the Rams (Thurs).  St. Louis surprised me. Maybe they'll be better than I thought. I'm not holding my breath. though.  I did pick up the rookie Ram kicker for my fantasy league. Kid's got a leg.

Bengals over the Dolphins. I've been overlooking the Bengals for several years now.  Consider yourself respected Cincy.

Packers over the Colts.  Even without Greg Jennings, G.B has enough WR talent that Rodgers shouldn't have to look hard to find a receiver open.

Ravens over the Chiefs. I finally watched the Ray Lewis doc "a Football Life" on the NFL channel. Watching it, you get a sense of how he's still playing quality LB in the NFL at his age and how he has dominated for so long. He's obsessed. Most of the great ones are. They don't let up. Ever. Outside of football, Ray Lewis would drive me nuts.

Redskins over the Falcons. A mild upset watch. Rookie QB and rookie RB...and both are good. Morris is a seriously under the radar quality RB this season. If he keeps it up we'll be hearing more about him. .and soon.

Giants over the Browns.  Browns are scrappy this year but they don't have enough talent.

Steelers over the Eagles. Philly can't sustain the success if they don't play better offensively.

Panthers over the Seahawks. Time for Cam "baby" Newton to grow up and play up to the talent level he has.

Bears over the Jags. This Chicago defense devours QBs. Shouldn't be pretty for Blaine Gabbert.

Titans over the Vikings. I'm not sold on Minnesota.  Meanwhile, the Titan's Matt Hasselbeck has something left doesn't he?   I mean, hair... no. But his arm is still solid. Right.?  Perhaps I should  rethink this.

Patriots over the Broncos. This smells like a blowout. Belichick has to be looking at the weak arm of Manning and planning all kinds of ways to jump those routs. Pick Six could be a theme.

49ers over the Bills.  Despite the loss on their resume already, San Fran is still a top team. Shockingly, Buffalo is not.

Saints over the Chargers. Make the bleeding stop Drew Brees. Please.

Texans over the Jets.   Sanchez, Tebow, Sanchez, Tebow. Enie, menie, miny, moe, please don't pick mr. Tebow.  ...Wow that sucked. I promise to never do that again.

Last week: 9-6
Overall: 31-31 (50%)

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notacynic said...

Vikings are tough in the dome. Titans better bring their A game. ; )