Monday, June 19, 2006

Mark Cuban swaps recipes with David Stern....or not.

This picture is one you won't be seeing replicated anytime soon. Cuban obviously is in full conspiracy mode right about now. Either that or he was mouthing "you complete me" to David Stern last night after the game when he was staring him down. But that's iffy at best. The rest of the Mavs are pissed too. What they should be upset about is that they aren't playing like they were the first two games. That and the fact that Dwyane Wade is killing them. He's just fun to watch isn't he? I'm interested to see how the Mavs respond in game 6. I hope this series goes 7 games just so I can watch Wade and Mark Cuban. Their entertainment value has gone through the roof! What would be really great is if Dallas loses in the last seconds of game 7 and "Cubes" goes beserk and goes into the stands after Stern. This is then followed by a court mandated counseling session with Ron Artest. I'm an optimist I know.

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