Tuesday, June 27, 2006

James Dolan and Isiah Thomas: Poetry in motion

---How great was yesterday's interview with Knicks owner James Dolan and Isiah Thomas? Dolan explaining how Larry Brown screwed them and how Isiah made his bed and now has to lie in it--and he better make that bed look better soon ---or else!---all with Isiah sitting right next to him, had to be one of the most fascinating and extremely comedic moments for me this summer. Isiah had a look on his face that was priceless. It was that "I can't believe your saying this with me right here, you dumbass" looks. I was drinking a coke at the time and snorted it through my nose when I laughed. That was slightly less awesome than the interview, but I digress. --anyway back to Dolan's comments on Brown. He acts shocked that Brown laid a big turd on the Knicks logo. This is akin to an interview I saw once of a pornstar who had contracted aids after shooting a gang-bang video. She was in tears and was shocked that she had gotten the disease. Yep, that came out of nowhere. I mean she had done some great stuff in the past I'm sure. How could she have know that one of the 60 guys she did that day might be HIV+ or have Aids? I mean Larry Brown had done some good stuff as well right? So what if he's fueded with stars before or changed jobs more times than I've changed my kids diapers. Oh but wait, there was that little incident in Detroit just before Larry was hired to help clean up Isiah's mess. Oh yeah, that's right Brown did sabotage the Pistons and screw his players in Detroit. And I seem to remember he did this even before the seasons was over. Then he proceeded to bend the Piston's brass over for a chunk of change he didn't deserve. It might have been just me but some alarm bells were ringing after that.
You know, I have a sister like James Dolan. Can't tell them anything. They have to learn everthing the hard way. Well James ol buddy, get the Ben-Gay out and ready because you've still got Isiah and the abusing ain't done yet.

Other random ramblings today:

----Anytime the North Carolina Tar Heels get beat is a good day for me. It doesn't matter what sport. So a championship choke job to the Oregon State Beavers in baseball calls for night out at McDonalds. I'm buying.

----The fact that the first player to be taken in the NBA draft might just be someone you have never heard of before (Andrea Bargnani) tells you all you need to know about this draft class. If the Raptors are smart they'll trade the pick.

----You know how when you were a kid and you picked favorite teams based on how cool their uniforms were? I think I'm reverting back to that trend. I found myself rooting for the Ukraine yesterday in World Cup action. Yellow shirts, yellow shorts, yellow socks (with a little tiger stripe blue thrown in for good measure). I'm guessing even their jock straps were yellow. I don't know if you'd call those unis cool but those dudes have some serious balls to be wearing what they are, and that rates high with me.

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