Friday, November 02, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 9

Chargers over the Chiefs. 
I got this one right, but truly I just flipped a coin. They both looked so bad the previous week I couldn't imagine either one winning.

Broncos over the Bengals.
I'm not sold on the Broncos despite Manning playing well. They've beat up on bad teams and lost to good teams. And remember Cincy has A.J. Green who sometimes just pulls "amazing" out of his butt. However, the Bengals have not shown enough juice yet to go against Manning's hot hand.

Ravens over the Browns. 
Baltimore better win big or the doubters come back to harp on Flacco. the way, I'm a Flacco doubter. Sorry Joe. It's ok if you prove me wrong. I won't take it personally.

Packers over the Cardinals. 
With the early slip-ups in the season, Green Bay can't afford to take the Cardinals lightly.

Bears over the Titans.
When the Bears defense is tough why do we glamorize them more than other equally tough defenses? It's got to be the history right? Butkus, 86 Bear defense, etc. Will later Raven defenses' get the same nod when they're good since they have a solid decade or more now with a defensive reputation?

Colts over the Dolphins
The Miami defense may give Luck problems but the Colts are at home and Tannehill will either be sidelined or playing hurt.

Redskins over the Panthers.
Insert your favorite Cam Newton/Robert Griffin comparison here.  Leaving body shape and skin color aside (which they are unalike and alike), there are some valid comparisons. Both can run well, and both have strong arms. Both can be exciting. But that may be where it ends. Griffin seems more mature and has some nice accurate touches to his thrown balls.  Cam seems to be forcing a lot of throws and while he wasn't wildly accurate last season (60% with 17 interceptions) he seemed to have a better feel for when and where to throw the ball.  Newton needs his runners to help him. Why have two highly paid running backs on your team if you won't run the ball? Of course that has to be established early because if you get behind too much, it's stupid to insist the Panthers should be running. They have to throw to stay in the game or attempt to come back on teams. Still, Newton's first and second half passer ratings this season are nearly identical (75.7 and 74.7)...which is to say they both suck. He's not paying well in the beginning or the end of games. Carolina's defense gives up too much and their offense is mistake prone. I don't see it getting fixed this week.

Lions over the Jaguars.
Sounds like a National Geographic Channel program. Detroit better hope Calvin Johnson rediscovers his inner beast.

Texans over the Bills.
Never say never, but this one seems over before it starts.

Seahawks over the Vikings.
Minnesota is going the wrong way and Seattle is always a tough road game.

Bucs over the Raiders.
I need Mike Williams to score TDs for me this week in fantasy.  I feel like one of those guys in the NFL commercials where people in their homes or offices talk to players in their NFL settings.  Speak to me Mike. Speak to me. I need your focus this week. Okay? Thanks. I'm glad we had this talk.

Steelers over the Giants.
Hard to pick against the Giants in NY. Especially with the emotional tie in from the storm. The Steelers won't be sentimental when the game starts though.

Falcons over the Cowboys.
Major upset if Dallas could pull this off. But I don't see it happening. Atlanta has been impressive. I'm not totally sold yet but the body of work  so far is compelling if not convincing.  

Saints over the Eagles. 
Last game for Vick as a Eagle starter? That alone warrants a spot on the dvr for the night.


notacynic said...

Steelers over Giants? Really?

The Armchair Quarterback said...

You're right of course. It is a slightly crazy pick with the way the Giants have played this year. Every once in while though, Big Ben can pull a game out of his big "behind".