Saturday, September 11, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 1

Saints over the Vikes. Yes I know it's already been played. Still, Favre returning to New Orleans where he got trashed last year was a no-brainer, even if it was closer than I thought it would be.

Browns over the Bucs. Would this be an upset? Delhomme was so bad last year that yes, yes it would.

Pats over the Bengals. The Bengals may replicate some of the success they had last year but this game is in N.E. and the Bengals attempt to take out Brady in a pre-game car wreck didn't work. I smell a big year for him.

Lions over the Bears. This pick is made with the heart and perhaps not the head. I like the Lions. Not so much on the Bears. Is it possible to like Cutler? When I see him I want to reach into the t.v. and punch him in the face.

Dolphins over the Bills. Isn't it weird that we think of Ricky Williams as a model player now? Will they lean on the former pothead again like they have the past couple of years? I'm not sure but I hope so. I like watching him run. I'm also a little geeked to see C.J. Spiller run for the Bills this year. I thought he should have come out after his junior year.

Falcons over the Steelers. Just can't trust the Steelers yet until we see how Dixon plays.

Jags over the Broncos. Equally frustrating in terms of trying to figure these guys out. This game is a crapshoot too.

Colts over the Texans. I smell an upset here but I can't pull the trigger on it.

Giants over the Panthers. The battle of Steve Smiths. How many Steve Smiths are there around the nation? A couple of hundred thousand? I might start using a flashy middle name if I were one of these guys. Steve Shazam Smith. Now that would get chicks.

Titans over the Raiders. Al Davis is dead. He has to be. JaMarcus Russell is gone, they've hung onto a coach for a couple of years, plus they are talking about hope in Oakland this year. Maybe it's one of those "Weekend at Bernie's" things where they just keep Al on ice and wheel him out every so often with a ventriloquist nearby.

Rams over the Cardinals. I really want the Rams to win this game. I'm buying the Bradford hype. At least for a game. The Rams destroyed me the last few years. As a fan since the mid-90's I just couldn't watch them return to laughingstock status after having a real team from 1999-2004. I've been on leave and just waiting for them to give me a reason to watch. I hope Bradford is it.

Packers over the Eagles. I like everyone else see big things happening for the Packers this year. Rodgers looks great, the teams looks hungry and the Favre thing is so done for them. At least until they play Minnesota.

49ers over the Seahawks. No idea what the "hawks" will be like this year. We have somewhat of an idea about San Fran. Smith is shaky at QB, their defense will play hard and if they win it might be ugly.

Cowboys over the Redskins. This one will probably bite me. I mean it's not like the Redskins have the Cowboy's problem of having a QB trying to prove his worth after some letdowns in the playoffs, a crazy owner, and some dysfunctionality that follows the team. .....oh wait, never mind.

Ravens over the Jets. Do the Jets talk to much? Yes. Does Rex Ryan have a big belly?u..yes. Is Sanchez overhyped? Hell yes. Should I stop talking in questions? Debatable.

Chargers over the Chiefs. Rivers is no slouch at QB. Still, I wonder if Charger fans ever wonder if they would be better with Drew Brees. To me it's like they gave up an elite QB for a very good QB. The difference may not be huge but it could be the difference between a Super Bowl or not.

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