Thursday, July 01, 2010

Federer The Champ Chump

Roger Federer is often praised for his class. To be honest I don't see it. Yesterday he blamed injuries for his loss in Wimbledon, giving absolutely no credit to the guy who beat him. It's not the first time. In the past he has expressed joy when opponents that are dangerous to him are upset in earlier rounds, knowing that he won't have to face them. He's one of the best players ever, but he's a jerk who because he goes about being a jerk in a somewhat quiet way, has fooled many. He's not a brash jerk like a Terrell Owens or John McEnroe. Federer has an image that doesn't quite fit. The quality of players to oppose him has been less than what other great champions have faced. His only real rival in the last 5 years has been Nadal and all you have to do is look at Nadal's record against Federer and realize that Roger "the great" is often on the losing end of that match-up. Now if you want to watch class, watch Nadal when he loses or wins. He epitomizes the word.

is a legend, an all-time great. But he's not the best player ever... and more importantly, he's a chump.

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