Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 14

--- I hope those teams with a solid QB really count their blessings. My Rams started Brock Berlin on Sunday. There is no way to appropriately discuss how I feel about that.

----Won't it be weird to have one team go undefeated in the same year a team goes winless? I wish I'd put money down on that one.

---It's good to see Drew Brees have another good game. But if the Saints miss the playoffs by one game they will kick themselves for blowing the first month of the season. Also, I would really like to see Reggie Bush return to his amazing self someday but there is a good chance he is just not good enough to be a feature back in the NFL. Obviously he has elusiveness, good hands, speed, and some toughness (despite being out for the rest of the season with injury). But I think he lacks a key element that a RB needs. That is: great vision between the tackles. Time and time again he makes the wrong decision about which hole to take, which block to stay behind and when to accelerate or slow down. Adrian Peterson on the other tends to do all these things right.

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