Saturday, February 03, 2007

So I think I'll watch the Super Bowl

There's a little game this weekend I might just have to check out. For the first time since the 2000 season I finally have a team to root for. Not that I haven't had an interest in the big game since then but it's only been an interest in rooting against certain teams. Like the New England Patriots. It's just not as fun rooting agaiinst teams as it is rooting for teams. I've been pulling for the Colts in the AFC for several years now so this is a Super Bowl I can get into. Although it is slightly annoying how everyone I know seems to be rooting for the Colts even though they have no idea who the hell Ben Utecht, Cato June, or Rob Morris is. But that's the Super Bowl. It's a day where many Americans reserve the right to enjoy a football game without knowing what 4th down means or the difference between a punt and a field goal. So whatever.

Who wins this game then? I would love to say the Colts. But Isn't it crazy how almost all the "experts" on the networks and websites, newspapers, etc. are all picking the Colts? I mean this is the Super Bowl for hell's sake. Underdogs often come out on top. Besides which, wasn't it the Bears who 5 weeks into the season seemed like the Super Bowl favorite? Sure Rex Grossman had his struggles (as I've pointed out many times) but the Bears won 13 games and have the type of opportunistic defense which can bail out many mistakes. Plus Grossman can suck for 3 quarters but if he manages to connect on a couple of big plays, the Bears are in business. I just see a lot of advantages for Chicago. Special teams seem big. The Colts have given up a lot of big returns this year so I'm particularly worried about Devin Hester running wild on them. It just seems really weird that the Colts are this favored when prior to the playoffs nobody (including me) gave them a chance to even be here. Now they are a Touchdown favorite?! Did I mention I'm worried.
So even though a Colt victory would be nice for me, my gut says the Bears will make enough big plays to win it.

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