Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nick Saban. Super Dork

Sorry for not posting about the last couple of weeks in the NFL. Between trying to down as much holiday fudge as I could and spending some time with my kids and family, I ended up slacking in my posts.
Anyway I'll post some thoughts on the NFL season and upcoming post-season soon. I will say this regarding today's NFL news: Nick Saban sure is full of shit. I'm sick of these high and mighty coaches sneering at reporters when asked about job offers they are getting--- and then they go ahead and lie their asses off. Then once they've proved that they have no integrity they use the family trump card. Give me a break. Your not doing what's best for your family. You're doing what's best for your bank account. What a hypocritical dumbass. Hey nice job of leading the Dolphins back to the promised land Nick. They're as bad as they were when you came, plus you screwed them out of an all-pro QB. Thumbs up! Cha-ching$$$

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