Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Little Sports Blog

This blog has been set up so that I can post my thoughts on things happening in the sports world. I have no outlet to discuss my feelings and thoughts in this area. Nobody at work likes sports, so water cooler conversation is out. My wife would rather gag down a couple glassfulls of egg yokes than talk sports with me. I find myself talking to the radio during sports talk shows (you get some really wierd stares at the intersections) and frantically trying to initate converstation with a guy at church that I know is vaguely interested in watching some games (it gets a little pathetic how I can take a normal church related conversation and turn it into a discussion on bad coaching strategies in the last two minutes of a game).
I've realized that I need to vent, rant, moan, theorize, analyze, & generally let loose with what I'm thinking about the sporting world even if I'm the only one who ever reads these thoughts.

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